About AquaShield®

AquaShield performs to the advantage of both physicians and patients.

The AquaShield is made from latex-free, heavy-gauge polyurethane, a material renowned for its strength and elasticity. It features a pre-formed opening that can be stretched to five times its size — yet returns to within 3 percent of its original dimension. Perhaps best of all, it slides easily over a cast or bandage, creating a comfortable, watertight seal.

Using the AquaShield is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

How To Make Your Aquashield Watertight

If showering, slide the AquaShield over the cast by pulling on the corners. Make sure the seal is an inch or so above the cast and completely flat and smooth. This will keep your cast dry for a shower.

AnkleLG_2-cropped1. If you wish to bathe or swim, you must remove the excess air inside the AquaShield. As the AquaShield goes underwater, water pressure forces air inside to rise to the top.

2-crop2. Before the top goes underwater, pull the AquaShield away from the skin, releasing the entrapped air. (Water replaces escaping air; if there is no air escaping, no water will enter).

3-crop3. The result: a comfortable completely watertight AquaShield. You do not have to release every bit of air. (When releasing air, keep an inch or so of the AquaShield out of the water so no water can enter when the seal is stretched open.)